All About Ben
By Ben Robinson

It is finally October, and personally I’m ready to celebrate. Not that this month has any special significance for me. I’m just thinking that this year has been tough enough already, and it’s not likely to get any better unless I begin to approach things with a more positive attitude.

So far this year I lost a job I had hoped to keep for life. No need to discuss that here — other people have lost things more precious I’m sure. But I am trying to be positive here. I’m determined to start enjoying life again, not to bore people with what’s wrong with mine.

October is the month in which the weather starts to get cooler, but there’s generally no frost or snow in the forecast. When you weigh 300 pounds, cool days are important. I have the diet of a wolf, and I know I need to lose weight soon. But at least in October I won’t wake up sweating.

October is also the month of my birthday. Many years ago, Mr. and Mrs. Robinson received the most scary Halloween present, and I’ve been spooking them ever since. Birthdays have never been big in my family — I learned pretty early that people were not dressing funny just for my birthday.

In October we are still in the midst of football season, which as a Clemson graduate is my favorite sport. We’re pretty good at baseball, improving at basketball, but let’s be honest — football still pays the bills. The last several years our friends from down the road in Columbia have gotten the best of our Tigers, but again let’s be honest — having a competitive rival adds to our enjoyment. Of course, three straight years is enough enjoyment for anybody, so we’re hoping to get our shot in this November. but the thing that is important is that after the game, all of my Clemson friends and Carolina friends remain friends, with new memories to someday reflect upon.

And October is that wonderful time of the year when both sides can claim superiority, even though we realize one side will be wrong at the end of the season.

High school football is also going strong, which I enjoy. Covering games for a quarter of a century, it has become natural for me to scribble notes during timeouts of even NFL games. It’s fun getting to know these kids, because you can share in their accomplishments, their challenges and their triumphs.

Soon after October will be the time for people to begin helping my friend Buddy Cox with his Country Santa project. Thousands of people work together to try to make sure no kid in Pickens County has to face Christmas without the comfort of Santa Claus. Some give, some repair donated used toys, some sort, some deliver and a few lucky elves get to do all of these things. I know it’s only October, but its never too early to start thinking about how you can help Country Santa bless some child’s life.

So it’s finally October, and I want to add one more holiday to the mix. Let’s take the time to forget everyone who has wronged us during the past 10 months, and then move forward with our lives. We’re coming to the best three months of the year. Let’s not ruin it with unhappy memories of the first nine.