Officers: Ex shoots at woman

EASLEY — Police are searching for an Easley man after they say he shot at his ex-girlfriend at a close enough range to put powder burns on her face.

According to a release from the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office, officers were dispatched at approximately 6 p.m. on Thursday, Aug. 16, to a residence on Hanson Lane in Easley in response to a call made by a neighbor saying that a man was beating a woman at the address.

Upon arrival, deputies found no disturbance. Shortly thereafter, a second call was made to the Easley Police Department in reference to a disturbance at 718 Saluda Dam Road in Easley. Arriving at the residence, officers from the PCSO and EPD found a 32-year-old female victim hiding from an assailant.

According to the victim, her ex-boyfriend, Jameel Rashard Chalmers, had approached her as she was getting into her 2012 Dodge Charger at home. He had been concealed beside her home waiting for her to exit, she said.

The victim said the suspect asked where she was going before pointing a large handgun at her and firing. Although the victim was not hit with a bullet, she did receive gun powder burns to her face and she was beaten about her body.
According to officers, the suspect made the victim get into her car and forced her to drive to his address, 718 Saluda Dam Road.
When the two arrived at the address, the victim was able to escape, and a man driving by pulled up to ask if she needed help. The suspect fled the scene in the victim’s Dodge Charger. The victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for her injuries and later released.

Greenville County officers later located the vehicle on Paris Mountain and recovered it. Evidence of a fired weapon was found inside the vehicle. The suspect had fled the scene.

Warrants for attempted murder, kidnapping and grand larceny have been issued for Chalmers, but as of press time he had not been arrested.