Ole Time Fiddlin’ Convention hosts fiddling championship

PICKENS — According to the Pickens County Cultural Commission, with the recognition of the South Carolina State Legislature, the first annual South Carolina State Fiddling Championship, held on Saturday, Sept. 15, 2012 at Pickens County’s 16th annual Ole Time Fiddlin’ Convention at Hagood Mill, was a huge success.
More than 2,000 visitors enjoyed the perfect weather, the exceptional line-up of talented men, women and youngsters, and a general feeling of camaraderie and happiness at what turned out to be one of the best events ever held at the Hagood Mill Historic Site & Folklife Center.

The winners in this year’s competitions were:

First Place Fiddle & 2012 South Carolina State Fiddling Champion: Robert Burns

Second Place Fiddle: Josh Johnson
Third Place Fiddle: David White
First Place Stringband: The BattleAxe Band — Lucy Allen, Amy Buckingham, Nancy Hamilton and Michele Turner
Second Place Stringband: Pinetop Revival — Dawn Cantrell, Steve Cantrell, Amanda Foster, Josh Johnson, Ros Wood
Third Place Stringband: Four-Mule Pileup — Andy Brooks, Briggs Hamilton, Don Massey, Barb Massey
First Place Junior Fiddle: Peyton O’Kelley
Second Place Junior Fiddle: Robert Wright
Third Place Junior Fiddle: Mary Johnson
First Place Banjo: Josh Johnson
Second Place Banjo: David White
Third Place Banjo: Bob Buckingham
First Place Guitar: Danielle Yother
Second Place Guitar: Nick Hallman
Third Place Guitar: Alex Alexander
First Place Wildcat Open: Michele Turner
Second Place Wildcat Open: Peyton O’Kelley
Third Place Wildcat Open: Danielle Yother
First Place Junior Open: Danielle Yother
Second Place Junior Open: Robert Wright
Third Place Junior Open: Gracie Dellinger

The Pickens County Cultural Commission along with the Pickens County Museum of Art and History and the Hagood Mill thanked the dozens of volunteers that helped to make the event the success that it was. A special thank you went out to Dean Watson, Gregg Barfield, Steve McGaha and Mill Site Manager, Ed Bolt, for the many hours of work they did to prepare for and execute the event.

For hundreds of years the South has enjoyed a rich traditional musical heritage and this tradition surely continues in the foothills and valleys of Pickens County, South Carolina. The Pickens County Cultural Commission and the Pickens County Museum invites one and all to join the merriment on the Third Saturday of every month as the Hagood Mill operates, rain or shine, to present the best in family fun that entertains, educates and enlightens our community with the traditional arts, living history and roots music of our region.

“Music in the Mountains 2012” is sponsored by a private benefactor. The Pickens County Museum of Art & History is funded in part by Pickens County, members and friends of the museum and a grant from the South Carolina Arts Commission, which receives support from the National Endowment for the Arts.
For additional information on programming at Hagood Mill or the Pickens County Museum of Art & History, please contact the Pickens County Museum at (864) 898-5963 or the Hagood Mill at (864) 898-2936 or by email at