On EMS issues

I’ve been living in Easley now for almost 27 years and I’ve never called the fire department. We’ve also never called the police department, except for non-emergency things.

I’ve only called the EMS one time, but, as it turned out, they saved my wife’s life.

I imagine the odds are probably pretty slim that I’ll ever need the fire department — although I’m certainly glad they’re there. More than likely, I’m not going to need the police for any life-and-death emergency, either, but I’m thankful for them, too.

I hope I never have to call for an ambulance again, but there’s a pretty fair chance that it could happen sometime in the next 27 years.

I’d like to feel pretty confident that if we have a medical crisis, the guys who are coming to handle it are well-rested, well-trained, happy with

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