Our blueprint, compass and instruction manual

When it comes to finding our place in this world, let’s consider two categories.

The first one, let’s call floating down the river. Imagine someone napping in a small boat without a compass or a paddle and not caring about where they are going. Having a spectator mentality, they have no map or intentional direction, but rather are just hoping for the best. It’s also common for these individuals to throw pity parties from time to time, as their happy-go-lucky lifestyle includes serious disappointments.

Often haunted with thoughts of being left behind, these people are caught in a vicious cycle of confusion and discouragement. As a Christian counselor, I’ve had conversations with those who are stuck in this drifting mindset and certainly have compassion for them, but we all have to do our share of searching and praying. No doubt it’s extremely difficult to know our calling, but it does not help the situation by living in denial and blaming

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