Parenting Place provides tools, support

By Jason Evans

Staff Reporter

COUNTY — The Parenting Place provides a number of services. But above all, the organization gives moms in the area someone to lean on.

Nicole Daughhetee is a family support specialist with The Parenting Place.

Nicole Guttermuth

“Our agency has been in Pickens County since 1991, and there aren’t a whole lot of people who have any idea what we do,” Daughhetee said. “We do a lot of good stuff. We’re like a secret. Nobody knows who we are and what we do.”

The services provided by The Parenting Place are completely free and completely voluntary. The family resource center provides assistance to at-risk and high-risk mothers.

“Every single solitary mom that I work with has some kind of incredibly high adverse childhood experience score, where they have been abused in some way, neglected in some way, grew up in substance abuse homes, grew up with DSS involvement,” Daughhetee said. “Then they get pregnant and have kids, and this cycle just perpetuates itself.”

The Parenting Place tries to work with moms “starting prenatally if possible” and working with

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