Patience and God make for a love story

Life As I Know IT
By Nicole Daughhetee

True story: Hurricane Andrew hit Miami in August 1992 — the summer before my junior year of high school. We lost power in the city for at least a week, prompting a city-wide curfew.

I can remember sitting out on our balcony, staring up at the night sky filled with stars, awed and amazed by the twinkling sight. Normally all the city lights of Miami choke out these celestial beings, and only a few ultra-bright, magical bodies managed to outshine the neon condominiums and illuminated streets.

Even though I had a boyfriend, who quite frankly was an immature jerk most of the time, I sat on our balcony and prayed that God would someday send me a soul-mate, the love of my life, the person He was perfectly preparing for me, the way He was preparing me for my love.
Over time I pushed the thought into the recesses of my mind — without ever truly giving up hope — and life carried on, as is its tendency.

I got married, had a baby girl, and then I got divorced. I got remarried, had another daughter and am going through South Carolina’s mandated yearlong separation period before I can file for divorce No. 2.
Judgmental people might look at my situation and say that I don’t take marriage seriously or that I simply quit when things get a little rocky. They would be wrong. The fact of the matter is, while I did everything I could to save my marriages, I truly believe they were doomed from the start for one very simply reason: neither of my marriages had a firm foundation in God.

There is no way I would undo history, because I was blessed with two amazing daughters that I love more than life, and had I not married the men I did, I would not have these two perfect little girls in my life.
And while I would never change the past, I can certainly learn from the past and apply those lessons to the future. Thankfully, God has given me the opportunity to do so.

Patience is not my strong suit, and that prayer I prayed that balmy Miami night in 1992 required me to be patient for 20 years. I may have veered off the path during that time, but I am certain that God has led me to the love of my life and has been preparing me this entire time.
For the first time in my life, I am experiencing real love — the kind of love that grows more with each passing day — the kind of love that makes me want to be the best Nicole I know how to be — the kind of love that has taught me to be patient and to relinquish control to the Lord — One who is infinitely wiser than I will ever be.

I feel like I am living in a love story grander than anything I ever imagined for myself. So for all the other romantics out there — like me — I offer you this: with love and God, anything is possible.
Wishing all my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day filled with love and endless possibilities!