PHS wrestling team looks for help to get a new mat

PICKENS ­— The Pickens High School wrestling team needs your help.

According to PHS wrestling coach Mark Barrett, his program is in need of a new wrestling mat and with help of the community and the hard work of his team they are trying to make it a reality.

Barrett said in the fall of 2012 the School District of Pickens County announced a program where it would match funds for equipment for non-revenue sportsuntil the end of the school year.

The team’s second wrestling mat, which is more than 20 years old, was in such condition that it couldn’t even be repaired, so the team set forth to raise the needed money to buy a new one. Barrett said he researched mats online and discovered the cost was around $10,000.

The team started in the fall by raking leaves and blowing off roofs and was given donations to put towards their half of the cost. When the season started, the team had raised an amazing $2,000. The season slowed the progress of raising funds, but now the team is back at it and needs help to reach its goal.

“We have started back and are doing odd jobs for people in the community. We will do any basic labor within our abilities,” Barrett said.

“We have cleared downed trees and brush and will be doing fence cleaning this weekend, and a car wash is planned soon,” he said.

“These boys have really worked hard this year helping to earn money for the new mat, and we really appreciate the support and encouragement from their families and community.

If you would like to help the Pickens High School Wrestling team in its quest for a new wrestling mat at the school, contact Coach Mark Barrett at Pickens High School. Any job or donation would be much appreciated.

The deadline for the team to raise the final $3,000 is May 30.