Pickens and Easley announce Doodle Trail Logo Contest

PICKENS — The City of Pickens and the City of Easley recently announced the Doodle Trail Logo Contest.

The object of the contest is to design a logo for the Doodle Trail, a 7.5-mile rail-to-trail that runs from Easley to Pickens. The winning logo design will be used online, in print, on merchandise and in applicable wayfinding signage.

“The logo contest is an opportunity for community engagement in the Doodle Trail,” Pickens mayor David Owens said. “We want the community involved in the process, and we are looking forward to the results.”

Entries to the contest are due by March 18 via email to For more information on the contest, the official rules, and the Doodle Trail, visit or

“It is my hope that this contest will create more public interest,” Easley mayor Larry Bagwell said. “I am looking forward with great enthusiasm for the participation of everyone.”

The Doodle Line carries a rich history of industry and economy important to both the City of Pickens and the City of Easley. The Pickens Doodle Trail presents an opportunity to carry on the memory of this historic railroad and preserve the vital connection that was forged between Easley and Pickens more than 120 years ago.