Pickens County purchases new stretchers to aide residents

PICKENS — In its continuing effort to properly care for residents during times of emergencies and transport calls, Pickens County EMS has purchased equipment designed to assist paramedics while caring for patients.
Pickens County has purchased 10 Stryker power stretchers which allow workers to easily move patients up and down by using hydraulically powered controls. Not only is this safer for the EMS crew, the patient has a smoother transition when the stretcher is being lowered and raised. The stretchers also create an additional safety measure for the patient when the stretcher is being loaded into the ambulance since both crew members are free to support the weight of the stretcher, equipment and patient.
To further enhance the movement of patients, ten state-of-the-art stair chairs were also purchased in order to assist paramedics when responding to calls where a person needs to be transported up or down stairs. These chairs allow a slow, safe descent and a more ergonomic stance while lifting.
Additionally, a bariatric stretcher was purchased in order to safely transport individuals with bariatric needs.
Fred Anthony, Director of Pickens County EMS, said the purchase would serve two important purposes.
“With the new equipment, the EMS crew is better equipped to care for individuals with various bariatric needs,” Anthony said. “By implementing this new state-of-the-art equipment, we are also protecting the well-being of our paramedics by lessening the likelihood of injury caused by lifting patients.”
The equipment was distributed to all eight EMS stations across Pickens County.