Pickens County Sheriff’s Office continues to investigate double murder


 PICKENS — The Pickens County Sheriff’s Office in conjunction with the Pickens County Coroner’s Office are reporting the following information as an update into the investigation from yesterday’s incident at 307 Cherokee Trail.

Autopsies have been completed on the deceased this morning and have confirmed that both victims died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds. Additional details surrounding the nature and/or number of those wounds will not be released pending trial.

Detectives continue to investigate the circumstances surrounding this case but there is no additional information to be released at this time.

Both Mr. and Mrs. Simpson remain hospitalized and their expected date of release is unknown. The Sheriff’s Office cannot release any information concerning their medical condition and will not be releasing any information as to the nature of their injuries other than Mr. Simpson suffers from life-threatening wounds sustained from gunshots.

Please understand the sensitivity surrounding this incident and the obligation to try this case in a courtroom setting rather than in a public venue.

The Sheriff’s Office will continue to stand guard with Mrs. Simpson pending her release from the hospital at which