Pickens County students post strong ACT scores



COUNTY — Pickens County high school seniors excelled in their ACT testing in 2013, scoring above both state and national averages.

Our students earned an average score of 21.8, higher than the South Carolina public school average of 20.1, and the national average of 20.9. Although the district continued to compare favorably to state and national averages, performance declined from its 2012 composite score of 23.1.

Daniel High School tied for best among traditional public schools in South Carolina with an average composite score of 23.5, followed by Easley High School with 21.7, Pickens High School with 21.3 and Liberty High School 20.6.

“I am pleased that our ACT scores continue to be above the state and national averages,” said Dr. Kelly Pew, superintendent. “We believe that the preparation our students receive in the classroom enables us to maintain competitive scores. While we are pleased with our scores, we will continue to work with our teachers and students to increase our scores so that our students will be more competitive as they pursue opportunities after high school.”

SDPC students outperformed state and national averages in every subject. Each high school also outperformed state and national averages in almost every subject, with three exceptions. Math at Liberty High School was below the state average, math at Pickens High School was below the national average but above the state average, and science at Liberty High school was below the national average but above the state average.