Pickens Recreation Department volleyball tournament winners

“Fire Balls”(First place winners in 2nd-4th grades) — Front row: Nataley Green, Breanna Chapman and Keeli Gillespie. Back row: Coach Gina Johnson, Sydney Bolding, Brooklyn Johnson, Savannah Noblitt, Shana Jenkins, Abi Norton, Rebekah Morgan and Coach Dena Norton.

First place winners in 5th-7th grades — Front row: Tiffany Patterson, Brittney Raby and Dakota Cantrell. Back row: Brandy Henderson, Coach Carrie Sutherland, Bradley Moon, Sydney Chapman and Madison Chappell.

“Mountain Tops” (First place winners in 8th-9th grades) — Front row: Grace Watson, Nicole Darnell, Beth Burgess and Kensley Burr. Back row: Coach Mallory Burr, Darra Long, Brooke Dodgens, Sissy Riddle and Baylee Bryson.

Second place winners in 2nd-4th grades — Front row: Lily Morris, Ivy Bryan, Mallorie Doty, Sarah and Sabrina Stewart. Back row: Coach Jimmy Sutton, Jenna Jones, Jordon Jones and Molly Sutton.

“Dreamcicles” (Second place winners in 5th-7th grades) — Front row: Mackenzie Fisher, Sarah Beth Aiken, Ivy Long, Whitney McCollum, Kinsley Deck and Faith Fowler. Back row: Coach Michelle Hickey, Hunter Edwards, Asst. Coach Steve Gilstrap and Allison Sims.

“GoldDiggers” (Second place winners in 8th-9th grades) — Front row: Tessa Dunaway, Katie Williams, Imari Gowens, Akilah Anderson and Amanda Smith. Back row: Coach Susan Barkley, Brianne Scruggs, Courtney Smith, Beth Horton, Josee Adams and Coach Sierra Austin.

“SWAN” (First place winners in 10nd-12th grades) — Front row: Amee Page, Kaitlyn Wilkinson and Jade Wimpey. Back row: Asst. coach Bonnie Wilkinson, Kailey Smith, Deborah Dibler, Kaitlyn O’Brien, Krista Yockel and Coach Amy Lark.