Recycling centers to close on Wednesdays

By Jason Evans
Staff Reporter

COUNTY — Beginning the week of July 1, Pickens County’s recycling centers will be closed on Wednesdays.

County administrator Gerald Wilson said the closures will go into effect with the new budget on July 1.

“The county landfill will remain open, but the recycling centers will be closed on Wednesdays,” Wilson said.

Wilson said Pickens County was one of very few counties in the Upstate whose recycling centers were open six days a week, as Sunday was previously the only day the centers were closed.

Before making the recommendation to council as part of thebudget planning process, county staff undertook traffic studies at the recycling centers.

“They found that Wednesdays are the slowest day of the week for our recycling centers,” he said.

Closing the centers on Wednesday will save the county “right around $100,000 annually,” Wilson said.

That savings was used to help balance the county’s budget with no tax increase, he said.

“It will help offset the new employees at the jail and the construction of the jail,” Wilson said.