Rollins Family Foundations now open in Liberty


Rollins Family Foundations held its formal grand opening and ribbon cutting on Sept. 5 in Liberty. The Rollins Family Foundations, an addiction-recovery mentor and family life coach center, was founded by Travis and Tosha Rollins and created to assist families and individuals who have struggled long enough. The new business was created to help build a happy place for hearts and families. The foundation helps others learn how to live more effectively and enjoyable. Many services are offered, including recovery coaching, recovery reconstruction program, self-confidence building, vocab rehab program, couple coaching and marital and premarital preparation programs. The Rollins Family Foundations is located in Liberty across from the new CVS and can be reached by appointment only by calling (864) 551-5984. Pictured above are councilwoman Lisa Hunter, Tosha Rollins, Travis Rollins, clerk/treasurer Erin Lewis, police chief Gilstrap, Liberty police sgt. Victor Tetter and mayor Eric Boughman.