Saitta talks Highway 11 ordinance

As you may have read or saw on TV, there was a final vote on Scenic Highway 11.

I’m calling this plan passed by the council 5-to-1 (I voted “No”) “The Highway 11 Land Development Act of 2022.” Our section of Highway 11 will end up looking like Oconee’s Highway 11 in a matter of time, sad to say.

The council plan does very little to protect the beauty of the highway, as it allows manufacturing, commercial and subdivision development all along Highway 11. Really, it just controls the look of those things.

The dollar stores will be built; they’ll just have to look like a tree. The storage facilities, too; they’ll just have to look like the side of a mountain.

If you went to the public meetings or talked to those who live on the highway, an overwhelming majority oppose new

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