Saving your sanity before November

There’s a lot of talk going around about people leaving the country for Canada if their candidate loses the presidential election. People can do that if they want to. But I don’t want to leave no matter who gets elected.

I doubt Congress would cooperate with anybody elected to the office, so unless every single thing passed was an executive order, it would be hard for either candidate to run the country.

If people make good on their threats, it may be the Canadians who will be building a wall.

I hope that all this is just loose talk, because we need our citizens here at home.

Even if things look hopeless to you, please remember they never really are.

If you want to feel more optimistic about the future, there is a simple solution. Stop watching the news. But, if you’re serious, according to a report from “60 Minutes” it is recommended that you visit Canada before moving.

olivia6-25 Page 4A.inddTo become a Canadian citizen, you must pledge your allegiance to Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain, because Canada is part of the English Commonwealth.

Also, you must learn their national anthem and learn something about their history. Another important thing to know is that French is the primary language of 7.3 million Canadians, and it’s useful to speak and understand it.

Winter sports are big in Canada. If you plan to relocate, it’s a good idea to learn how to ice skate. You would have to buy a new wardrobe and accustom yourself to wearing toboggans and boots for many days each year.

There are different kinds of festivals and foods there, and the weather is much colder than what we are used to.

There are many pluses enjoyed by Canadian citizens. Their prescription medicine and health care is affordable and good. They have socialized medicine.

Ice hockey is hugely popular there, and if you have children they will probably be in a hockey league.

Lacrosse has been the national game of Canada since 1859, and Parliament passed an act in 1994 officially declaring lacrosse the national summer game and ice hockey the national winter sport.

What about the education system? Well, this may surprise you, but out of 700 countries, Canada is ranked sixth in the world for its education system. America is number 12. There is little difference in the performance of low-income and high-income students. Teachers are better prepared, paid and secure than those in America. They are unionized.

Also, there doesn’t seem to be an obesity problem with Canadian children. Their school lunches don’t contain nearly as much salt, starch, fat or sugar as American school lunches. Also, the national government stays out of education. There is little difference in funding among school districts, unlike here.

But, although Canada is a wonderful country with very nice people, I don’t plan to relocate there.

I’m an American even if I don’t always like our political system and don’t always agree with everything that is done.

But I don’t plan on deserting my country in its time of need. It’s important to stay at home and write critical letters to all our elected officials. If I leave, it will not be by choice. They’ll have to deport me. I suppose they’d send me to Wales, as that’s where most of my ancestors lived. The only problem with that is the fact that I don’t speak the language, probably can’t learn it and would never be able to drive on the wrong side of the road. If they come to get me I guess I’ll just have to hide out in the Horse Pasture. That might work.