Saying ‘thanks’ to nurses for all they do

CENTRAL — Southern Wesleyan University director of online admissions Brice Bickel delivered baskets filled with healthy snacks and other items for nurses to Tammy Gillespie, training and organizational development director at AnMed Health in Anderson, on May 13.

The baskets, presented at AnMed’s main campus, were given out as Southern Wesleyan’s way of saying “thank you” to the nursing staff for their hard work. Also donating items for the baskets were Food Lion, Sam’s Club and Michaels of Anderson, and Founders Federal Credit Union of Clemson.

“The baskets were absolutely beautiful! Thank you again for these amazing gifts for our nurses. They so appreciate all of these goodies,” Gillespie said.

“AnMed Health is grateful and so appreciative of the beautiful gift baskets from Southern Wesleyan University for our nurses,” AnMed Health chief nursing officer Shaunda Trotter said. “I am proud of all of the AnMed Health nurses including those who have been on the front line during the COVID-19 pandemic. They continue to go above and beyond to provide patients with high quality, safe, and compassionate care. The kindness and care shown to our staff is truly a blessing and reminder that we are in this together.”

“We are proud of what the staff at Anmed has done to lead the way for our tri-county region during this pandemic,” SWU vice president for advancement Scott Drury added. “We hope these baskets serve as a reminder to all the nurses at Anmed that Southern Wesleyan loves them.”

“Growing up in a medical family where my mother was a nurse and my father was a physician, I have a deep understating of the sacrificial work nurses do each and every day,” SWU president Dr. Todd Voss said. “Add to that the stress and added hours of patient care in the middle of a pandemic and it is truly heroic ministry. SWU just wanted to say ‘we get it.’ We are so thankful and we are better as a nation because of you.”