School board gives nod to ‘Alive at 25’ program

COUNTY — During Monday’s called SDPC board meeting, adoption of the Alive at 25 Program passed in a 4-2 vote with trustees Ben Trotter and Jimmy Gillespie voting against the program.
Based on the recommendation of Superintendent Dr. Henry Hunt, district administration and Pickens County school principals, those students who drive to school will be required to complete the Alive at 25 course before being allowed to drive to and park at school. This requirement will take effect in the 2012-2013 academic years.
“I’m not going to vote for this,” Trotter said. “Yes, I care where children get hurt. When a person goes to the DMV they take a test that says they know how to drive. Now we make it mandatory the only way you can drive to school is take this other itty-bitty test.
“I think this is forcing our children to do something that we ought not force them to do. They’ve already got their license, they took the test, they know how to drive. Their mama and daddy ought to teach them responsibility. Mama and daddy paid for the parking lot we’re denying them to use.”
“The program is a four-and-a-half-hour course that will provide students not with how to drive instruction, but with how to stay safe behind the wheel,” said Dr. Kelly Pew, who will take over as superintendent for Hunt later this year. “The cost of the course is $35 per student; however, if a student cannot afford the course, parents can call and have the fee waived.”
Pew also explained that students will have the remainder of this school year and all summer to complete the course, which will be available after school and on weekends.
For more information on the Alive at 25 program, contact the SDPC or visit the program website at