School board passes unused leave policy

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

COUNTY — School District of Pickens County human resources director Dr. Stephanie Lackey went before the school board Monday night to renew a policy on unused leave days.

[cointent_lockedcontent]”This is part of the policy we’ve been ignoring due to economic conditions where people have earned over 135 days unused annual leave. Those people could cash in, or turn in, their days,” Lackey said. “In the past it’s been $10 a day, or $25 a day, to $50 a day.”

The recommendation for pay for unused leave days for people who leave the district for reasons other than for retirement is $50 a day.

Board member Dr. Henry Wilson asked Lackey what the cost of the policy would be.

Lackey said that since the district had not been using the policy for several years she had no figures on total cost.

“We would be paying employees for leaving the district other than retirement,” Wilson said. “Why would we pay money to employees to go to other districts?”

“I would rather not enforce a policy that encourages people to leave the district,” board member Alex Saitta said.

The policy was amended to make the bonus for unused annual leave above 135 days $0. The bonus for unused leave other than for retirement will be $0. The originally proposed $50 per day for unused leave was amended to $0 per day.

The board passed the new policy with a 6-0 vote.

Qualkinbush prays

for schools

The only speaker during the public input session was Central First Baptist Church pastor Rev. Tony Qualkinbush, who came forward to lead a prayer for the district.

“I just want to welcome you all back home I guess and offer a word of prayer,” Qualkinbush said. “A dedication for the entire school district.”

Qualkinbush offered praise to God for the leadership of the school district.

“Please allow all of our children from preschool to high school to experience a year free of turmoil,” Qualkinbush said.