SDPC improves on federal report card

COUNTY — The School District of Pickens County saw improvement on the 2014 federal report card, with a score of 86.2.

The score is up from 83.7 in 2013.

The increase was largely due to significant improvement in the district’s high school score, which rose from 75.1 to 87.

“Our schools did an incredible job increasing the graduation rate last year, and that is reflected in the district’s score,” district superintendent Danny Merck said.

Out of the district’s 26 schools, 10 earned an “A” score, 12 earned a “B,” and four earned a “C.” Letter grades are assigned based on a 10-point grading scale.

The district’s elementary score also improved from 86.9 to 89, although the middle school score fell slightly from 83.4 to 83.2.

“Our administrators and teachers have worked hard to look at student growth data and set goals for improvement,” assistant superintendent of instructional services Sharon Huff said. “We are pleased to see their efforts result in progress and commend them.”

In addition, four Title I schools earned special recognition. A.R. Lewis Elementary School,Liberty Elementary School, and West End Elementary School were all named Title I Reward Schools for Performance. To earn the award, the schools must have earned an “A” or “B” score on the last two report cards and must not have significant achievement gaps.

McKissick Elementary was named a Title I Reward School for Progress. Reward Schools for Progress must attain an “A,” “B,” or “C” on the report card, and be in the top 10 percent of qualifying Title I schools that demonstrate progress in the performance of all students or in subgroups on statewide assessments.

McKissick’s ESEA score was 83.7, an improvement of more than 28 points from last year.