Seniors Unlimited receives donation from Happy Gifts

PICKENS — One day a month at the Pickens Senior Center, lunch will be sponsored by Happy Gifts Corporation. Kimberly Snide, Executive Director of Pickens County Seniors Unlimited, said that a donation from Happy Gifts will cover donations for all those that regularly participate in the lunch program at the center and through the home-delivery program on the designated day each month.
The first donation was made on April 28, Mr. Richard Dorset, Chairman said they wanted to give more so that free meals could be had by all seniors, both at the center and for shut-ins on a more frequent basis. However, donations are less than usual now due to the economy, which is being felt by those who need help most. Happy Gifts is a 501 (c) (3) South Carolina Corporation and any donations given are tax deductable. All monies received are used to help those less fortunate in Pickens County. Donations can be sent to Happy Gifts Corporation at P.O. Box 624, Pickens, SC 29671. Their mission statement is that Happy Gifts is committed to serving individuals who need emergency assistance by providing, but not limited to, food, while at the same time not fostering dependence.
Since 1972, Pickens County Seniors Unlimited, a non-profit (c) (3) organization has been a major service delivery organization exclusively serving the needs and interest of senior adults. Our primary goal is to provide programs and services that address social, intellectual, emotional, vocational and physical needs. By providing those services, Pickens County Seniors Unlimited hopes to delay or prevent institutionalize and promote independent living among senior adults in Pickens County.
To register for a meal program or for more information on the meal programs or other programs and services offered by Pickens County Seniors Unlimited, please call 864-878-0172.