Simple man of simple means

Simple man of simple means

Dear Editor,

I am a simple man of simple mind and simple means. I could be happy living in a cave. As long as the cold and dampness is kept off, why not?

Well, there might be a problem with a mama bear wanting to take up residence in my cave. You think I’m going to tell a 350-pound mama bear she can’t

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hibernate in my cave, you better think again! Be like, “Hey, you can’t come in here!” “Grrrr!!” “Yes, ma’am, and when do you like your wakeup call?”

I don’t need to have a lot of material things to be happy like so many. A good book to read, a CD to listen to or just visiting with family or friends. We come into this world with nothing and we leave with nothing. The more we have, the more responsibility we have. If money brought us happy, then why are so many millionaires filing for divorce? Money is not “the root of all evil,” as so many misquote. It’s actually, “the love of money is the root of all evil.”

When I was a child, simple things meant the world to me. A bicycle, a dog and the open road was all it took to make me happy. A bicycle was your transportation into the world to be explored. If you had a dog, you had a true friend for as long as you both lived. A friend who never left your side in good or bad times. A friend you could talk to and open up your very heart to and never have to worry about anyone hearing a word.

To me, sitting in a restaurant drinking warm coffee on a cold day is my way of relaxing instead of drinking and getting drunk. What we take into us becomes a part of us. Liquor ages you and weakens our resistance. What you let in becomes your master.

I love listening to old radio shows like “Richard Diamond, Private Detective” and “The Great Gildersleeve.” I like helping others and get my happiness from seeing those I’ve helped having a good time. I make no difference in anyone, no matter the race or religion. I’m happy with what I have. So many whose burden is greater than mine. I’m grateful to have another day to live when I wake up.

Who knows what good may come?


Eddie Boggs