Small act of kindness

Officer and Child

Kara Hopkins recently shared this photo with the Pickens County Courier. She and her 4-year-old daughter Kayden Bowens were heading in to the Easley movie theater when Kayden noticed a Pickens County Sheriff’s Office deputy sitting in his car outside. Kayden looked at her mother and said “Mom, he looks like he needs a snack.” Hopkins laughed it off, but once the two were inside the theater, Hopkins said Kayden insisted on taking the officer a snack, so Hopkins said Kayden picked out some Reese’s Pieces and took them to the officer. Hopkins said the officer, Deputy David Rogers, was very nice and even let Kayden sit in his car while they took a selfie. “I hope this makes it to him. He was awesome and Kayden enjoyed it.” A post on the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office’s official Facebook page, which has been shared more than 400 times, said Rogers “appreciated receiving this snack from a very thoughtful and caring little girl. “We could all learn a lesson from her compassion, and maybe try just a little harder to treat everyone with a little more kindness,” the post read.