South Carolinians urged to avoid all scammers

STATE — Whether it’s a caller saying you’ve won a prize, an inheritance or an email with an authentic-looking check, there are those out there who want your money or identity.

“An elderly woman in Barnwell recently received a call from a person claiming to be a representative of Medicaid,” said SLED Chief Mark Keel. “The caller then tried to get her personal information saying that she would get a new Medicaid card. Thankfully, the woman didn’t provide any information. Sadly however, there are numerous other examples throughout the country.”

Keel said South Carolinians should be wary of anyone calling, texting or emailing with an opportunity of money or prizes. He said there are many tips available to resist scammers.

“Never give out your personal information such as Social Security number, driver’s license or any financial information,” he said. “Also, warn your family and friends.”

Keel said tips to avoid scammers are available from a number of reputable organizations and agencies including the S.C. Department of Consumer Affairs at, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation at