Spring is in the air

Nicole Daughhetee

Nicole Daughhetee

Life As I Know It

by Nicole Daughhetee

No doubt that in a few months’ time I will most likely be complaining about the sweltering oppressiveness of the heat, but right now I am absolutely delighted that spring appears to be unfolding right before my eyes.

As much as I anticipate the possibility of winter snowfall and enjoy bundling up in a coat, it is also a great feeling to be able to hang my coat up in the closet to hibernate during the warmer months of the year.

In much the same way we wouldn’t be able to fathom unfettered happiness without knowing sadness, the pride of success without the agony of failure, we wouldn’t be able to celebrate all the beauty bursting forth in spring without the slow starkness of the winter months.

Because the seasonal changes in Miami are no way near as pronounced as they are in the Upstate of South Carolina, living here has given me a genuine appreciation for the seasonal cycle, and spring is, perhaps, my favorite.

Someone who embraces all things colorful, I adore all the flowers and trees saturated with the most brilliant hues of pinks, fuchsias, yellows and greens.

I love the longer days and sunlight that stretches into the evening hours beckoning people outside after being cooped up in an act of protection from the cold chill of winter.

Grocery stores and farmers markets produce an abundance of fruits and vegetables that are ripe and ready to eat.

Shoes become optional, and there is nothing better than being able to feel the earth, solid and sturdy, underneath bare feet.

Spring is magical. It is a time for rebirth and renewal. This time of year makes me feel more connected to the earth and every aspect of life contained on its surface. The songs of the birds sound louder and sweeter. Smells of fresh cut grass and flowers permeate the air. The sunshine is like a warm blanket hugging my soul.

Unfortunately, spring doesn’t seem to last very long. The transition into summer feels like it happens too quickly. Open your windows and let the freshness of spring pour into your home. Better yet, get out and enjoy this incredibly blissful time of year while it lasts.