Stand up, be heard

The terrorists’ outbreak in Paris was another act of hatred. The extremists who carried out these attacks have nothing to do with religion, but everything to do with the cult mentality which is 6-25 Page 4A.inddembraced by those who feed on hatred and cultivate it.

The journalists and cartoonists who were slaughtered lost their lives because they used the written word and political cartoons to comment on what they found ridiculous and illogical.

The magazine suffering the loss of so many valuable staff members wasn’t silenced by the attack. They put out another issue — with one million extra copies — because they won’t allow this act of terrorism to silence the free press.

The Jewish community in Paris has been greatly disturbed by the attack on the Kosher deli, and understandably.

Almost 80 years ago in Germany on Nov. 9, 1938, more than 7,000 Jewish businesses were vandalized and looted. So much broken glass littered the streets that this day became known as the “Night of Broken Glass.”

Synagogues were burned. Jewish people were murdered. 30,000 Jewish men were arrested because they were Jewish. They were sent to concentration camps, where many of them died.

This is how the Holocaust began, during which more than three million Jewish people were killed.

This is why after World War II a Jewish state, Israel, was established. And this is why Israel will defend itself from any attack made upon it.

There are monsters in the world in human form. They tolerate no open discussion of anything, and anyone who dares to express disagreement is executed. Their message appeals to angry young men in many nations.

There are websites used to actively recruit people from around the world.

When Sony Pictures shelved the movie “The Interview” after the company was hacked, it was a fearful blow. Yes, they were hacked, they would lose money and they were afraid employees might be targeted. All this because the sociopathic head of North Korea was insulted by the movie’s content, calling it an “Act of War.”

It was reassuring when the studio decided to release the movie after all, and when theaters showing it hung American Flags on their theaters.

Extremists want to destroy. Any group that feels threatened by free speech, free press and the human rights of individuals is destined for failure. All throughout history, we have seen how a single person feeding on hatred for others and a thirst for power can create a powerful organization with mindless followers. The apathy of the good allows the growth of the evil.

We can’t stand as silent witnesses to evil events. We must speak up to support what is right.