Still more leg problems

6-25 Page 4A.inddSo Friday I reached what I thought was a milestone. After taking the bandages off my leg, the doctor told me that if I would get a leg wrap I would no longer have to wear a bandage.

I was ecstatic. Leg wraps would mean that the bandage would not need to be changed every week. I would be able to take a shower every day, which many of my friends were even happier than I about.

The agreement was that I would pick up my new leg wraps that afternoon. I was happy and figured it would not hurt if I waited until Saturday to pick up the leg wraps.

Saturday I found out why that was a bad idea, as the place was not open on Saturdays. Meanwhile, my now unwrapped legs were sweating through the night. My bedroom sheets looked as though I had had a different problem that night, as I woke up with the legs basically in a puddle of water.

So I faced a weekend full of problems. I read my Bible daily like I am supposed to. But I never got how Moses had been able to part the water. So instead I was forced to sleep with a towel on the bed below me. I went to the place to buy my wraps early Monday morning.

I explained that I had no insurance and would have to pay cash for them. Apparently that was a curse word. Still they fitted m for the wraps and showed me two models. One was the simple, inexpensive model, which was $40. The more complex model was $250, but was more adjustable than the $40 kind. I could get the cheaper kind, but it may not fit a week later and have to be replaced. The more expensive model would fit forever.

So if I were lucky, the less expensive model would last a lifetime, which is how long they told me I would have to wear these wraps. But if my luck held up the way I knew it would, the $250 model might be the smarter buy. So that’s what I ordered.

They told me I would get the wraps late this week. My doctor will probably not like that, but what can I do?

So look for me at ballgames with the leg wraps showing beneath my shorts. Just keep in mind that I am somehow healthier now that I have the wraps.

I know that’s what I will be thinking.