Struggling with technology again

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By Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

Ben Robinson

So its 3:30 on a Monday afternoon, and I’m still struggling with this computer. I came in this morning, bright and early. Well, early at least. With nothing else to write, I started working on my weekly column. It was about my tax refund check, which the state kept almost all of to pay old hospital bills.

I wrote how I did not much appreciate the state determining how I would spend my money. The hospital spends lots of time and money to make sure I am aware of the bills (everyone I know gets to bill me for my last hospital stay). While I was in the hospital, I mentioned I had no insurance and was not sure how I would pay. The nurse said, “Don’t worry about it,” and sure enough, I get about eight chances a day to pay them.

The latest is that they set up with the government to take whatever tax return I thought I would have and use it to pay my bills, randomly, of course.

Having been unemployed for most of the year, paying bills was not my first choice for how to spend that money. It actually involved me, Sandra Bullock and a lot of begging. But the government had other plans, though they did not rule out the possibilities of any begging going on.

So I ended my column with the hope that I would get to keep some of my federal check. When I started to save the article, my computer froze up. I am not really smart enough to know how to save stuff at that point, so the article was lost.

After lunch I worked with my computer again, and after three hours had pretty much no column to share. But I finally got the program to write yet another column to work. If I can save this, it will be in Wednesday’s paper.

I should have written about how I need a date to Blue Ridge Fest Friday night. I am currently not dating anyone (see previous notes about being unemployed). No money, and certainly no looks, leave me with very few options.

The girl I had been dating and I broke up several months ago. I understand why, but I can’t help but still feel something for her in my heart. So I’m pretty slow to approach anyone else. It sounds foolish, but it’s almost like I am being unfaithful to a girl I no longer date.

Pretty foolish, huh?

Well, if we can get by this week, it won’t be long before I go back to Kentucky to work with kids. I enjoy it, and they seem to love it when they outsmart me.

And hopefully I can get this computer working again. I’m not smart enough to work hard without it.