Student-run business helps Six Mile celebrate centennial

CLEMSON — An all student-run business, Clemson Campus Banner + Design, recently took on the town of Six Mile as a client, helping it celebrate its centennial by designing and producing landmark art work.

After six months and 223.5 design hours, including extensive photo correction, CB+D installed its finished product at the Town Hall at a dinner and was praised for the work, which showcased a cumulative history of Six Mile.

“The Six Mile project is the biggest job Campus Banner + Design has done to date,” said Ryan Prestridge, production manager and graduate student in the digital arts department. “It was a tough job because all of the images needed to be laid out, aligned, the text had to match up perfectly, then it had to be printed, mounted, laminated, transported and then hung.”

Campus Banner + Design began as a small student design and production business for its clients and has progressed to a communication and production agency that services on- and off-campus clients with high-quality communication solutions. CB+D also offers discounts to student organizations, staff, faculty and departments to invite interest in high-quality, creative productions.

“Luckily, Campus Banner + Design has great student designers that have an eye for detail, without which, this job would not be possible,” Prestridge said.

Student positions are open to application each semester and to a variety of majors. Some management and design positions are internships and others are worth course credit.

“The main benefit students get from working with us is job experience and resume-building. There is value in building up your portfolio, especially because the success of this business is based on their work,” said Daniel Austin, assistant creative director for Student Affairs Publications.

More information can be found at Campus Banner + Design is advised by Student Affairs Publications.