Supporting the right to survive

Ron Barnett’s recent column hit the nail squarely on the head. To make things clear, everyone who refuses to wear a mask should be issued a T-shirt printed with the sentence, “Your life doesn’t matter to me.”

All those who wear masks should wear a T-shirt imprinted with the words, “Your life does matter to me.”

No matter what your beliefs are, most Christian denominations do teach that it is important to love your neighbors and to be kind.

And most religions preach kindness to others. Apart from devil worshippers — and although I am not familiar with their belief system, I am assuming they care about somebody. Or at least they may love their dogs.

Years ago, there was a country song that asked, “Would Jesus wear a Rolex if he came to Earth today?”

Substitute the word mask for Rolex and think about it.

Until masks are mandatory for everyone, lots of people will not wear them. If you don’t believe me, go to Ingles.

I have listened to the mindless rhetoric saying mask wearing should be voluntary. Unfortunately, there is no law against stupidity. If there were, more than half our population would be in jail.

I agree you maskless people are free to choose until there is a mandate. Although you may have the right to kill yourself, do you have the right to kill others?

No, you do not.

We wear seatbelts. It’s the law. You can be ticketed for violating that law. You are not supposed to drive while drunk. Should that be eliminated? It interferes with our freedoms.

Maybe there needs to be an amendment to make it legal to drive while under the influence.

Have you ever heard of anyone killed in a motorcycle accident who was not wearing a helmet?

If you don’t vaccinate your dog against rabies and your dog gets rabies and bites you or someone else, is that OK?

Should it be allowed for contaminated hamburger meat to be sold to the public? Should it matter if people die because they have eaten it? You be the judge.

Not all reckless behavior is illegal. We know that. But shouldn’t people use some common sense?

You may be young, heathy and active. Guess what? You can still die.

You can get snake bit if you run barefoot through summer undergrowth. If you step in a fire ant hill, you will be stung. It will hurt.

And if you deliberately expose yourself to someone with measles and you haven’t had it and you have not been vaccinated, you are likely to get it.

You have the right to not believe in public safety. But I wish you did. Exercising your freedom should not violate my right to remain alive.

Please rethink your position. If you still refuse to wear a mask, I request you let store managers know before you enter so they can warn mask wearers to get out of the store before you come in. Thank you.