The buzzards are circling

I was driving into town on a familiar route and came upon a tree on the side of the road I’ve passed maybe a thousand times. But this time I saw it.

Why? Because on each limb on both sides were perched a flock of buzzards with their backs turned to the road. They are large birds, but seldom seen in such numbers. It looked like a picture from a horror story or maybe a scene from Hitchcock’s “The Birds.”

Needless to say, it was unsettling.

Their backs were still with wings tucked in, and their drab gray feathers didn’t even shine in the sun.

olivia6-25 Page 4A.inddI felt a chill. What are they waiting for? And then it dawned on me. They’re waiting for the election. After the dust settles, they’re going to rise into the air from that dead tree and pick the bones of the politicians that fell to the wayside.

And to tell the truth, at this point I would be tempted to watch and cheer them on.

When this column runs, it will all be over, and it is my belief that everyone will heave a sigh of relief.

As a Christian, an American, a South Carolinian, a Southerner and a human being, I’ve seen many elections come and go. I’ve been disappointed, puzzled, irritated and sometimes inspired by some presidential candidates in our mutual past, but I don’t think I’ve ever been ashamed before of how presidential candidates have behaved.

This election campaign for president has been an embarrassment to our entire country and has not reflected well on the “greatest country on Earth” to the rest of the world.

It just makes us appear to be a country out of control with a barbaric civilization. And we are not a country of barbarians. Our country was founded on principles of the highest order. I’d like to see those displayed in the characters of our candidates. Is that too much to ask?

I for one don’t want to watch an R-rated debate.

Just strip the candidates to wrestling garb, grease them up with bear grease and throw them into a mud hole, and whoever succeeds in killing their opponent is declared the winner.

If anyone ever puts me in charge, I’d limit campaigns to one month, do away with the electoral college and allow the moderator of presidential debates to have a stun gun when people do not debate in a civilized manner.

But I’m not in charge, and as I write this I don’t know the outcome of this election. My hope is that whoever is elected will have an experience like Paul on the road to Damascus and be instantly transformed into a leader with integrity, resolution, vision and respect for others.

Yes, it would be a miracle, but then, I believe in miracles. So we’ll have our results and hope for the best, because our country deserves no less.