The incident with the folding chair

Several years ago, Fowler gave me a gravity chair for Mother’s Day. It’ been a pleasure to use, as it really does relieve pressure on the lower back. I’ve tried to take good care of it. That means keeping the dogs off the chair as much as possible. For some obscure reason, they think it’s an ideal place to stretch out on.

Our boxer and boxer mix, Boomer and Little Red Dog, unfortunately, can’t lie down in the chair together. They’re just too big, but they still try to do so. This leads to less than restful chair time.

If I’m lying in it, the Chihuahua, Toby One Ka Doggy, insists on lying on top of me. From this perch, he can threaten Boomer and Little Red Dog.

That also isn’t restful.

Earlier this week, on a perfectly beautiful day when Boomer and Little Red Dog were occupied

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