The truth will set you free

Now that the finish line is in sight for the presidential primaries, I’m waiting for the “shoe to drop.” It’s about this time in any campaign when something ugly is dragged out from under the rug to knock candidates off their pedestals.

Although in this particular election it would be hard to say who might even be on a pedestal.

olivia6-25 Page 4A.inddSetting that aside, isn’t it time for some obscure person to come forward to reveal an unsavory secret from a candidate’s past or even present?

Now we know there has to be something out there. We just don’t know when we’ll find out about it.

Are there a bunch of mistresses running around loose with the illegitimate offspring of any candidates?

Are there any candidates in the illegal drug business, perhaps bringing drugs across the borders?

Anybody who ever hired a hitman to rid themselves of the opposition?

Does anybody have a murder in their past?

Is there a closet terrorist among them? A cannibal? A serial killer?

Somebody knows. And if the information is out there, as we’ve seen in the past, eventually it will come out.

A little web surfing located some interesting reports on how to detect when a person is lying, although several studies said it is more difficult to detect lying in politicians because of the practice they’ve had.

The studies say lying is a lot more stressful than telling the truth. It requires a good memory and a lot of repetition. It takes a lot of energy to lie, and keeping up with the lies can become overwhelming.

In trying to decide whether or not a person is lying, watch facial expression, body language and content. Poker players are supposed to be very good at this.

For example, a liar will give way more detail in answering a question than a truthful person. A liar may also tell another version of his lie the next time questioned about it. It’s a lot harder to remember the details if they’ve been made up.

A liar has trouble answering a direct question but often skates around an issue and manages to direct attention to another issue.

A liar will often fold their arms across their chest, clench their hands, place a hand over their mouth or turn the head to one side.

Of course, none of these behaviors are surefire red flags in all people.

That’s when we have to get out there and learn as much as we can about important issues.

We tend to believe things that we want to believe. It doesn’t mean they are the truth.

So it’s up to us now. This whole campaign thing seems to have gotten out of hand. It would be nice if there were some adults on the ticket. Is that too much to ask?