The Unbreakable Tiger

Photo by Ken Scar

Former U.S. Army 1st Lt. William H. Funchess, 89, displays his Clemson College Class of 1948 class ring next to his father’s Class of 1920 ring.

Former POW recounts Korean War nightmare

By Ken Scar | Clemson University

It was Nov. 4, 1950. When Funchess radioed the brass back at headquarters to tell them what he had seen, they told him he was mistaken. There were no Chinese soldiers in North Korea.

“The final instructions from battalion headquarters was — if Chinese soldiers are in Korea, they’re protecting hydroelectric plants. Under no conditions will you fire on a Chinese national,” Funchess said. “Before the day ended, I had been struck by machine gun fire, and I was a POW of the Chinese army.”

He remained a prisoner for nearly three years — 34 months to be exact — enduring

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