Ticking package causes bomb scare at Central Post Office

CENTRAL — A suspicious ticking package caused a scare at the Central Post Office last Thursday.
According to reports from the Central Police Department, officers were dispatched around 8:55 a.m. to the post office, located at 1205 West Main Street, about a suspicious package.
Once on the scene, officers were told the package was outside in the rear of the post office. Officers were told by postal employees that the package was emitting an audible ticking sound and seemed to weigh about one pound, wrapped in normal post office packaging, according to the report.
Following standard procedures to ensure the personal safety and proper investigation of the package, the office immediately contacted Central Police Chief Kerry Avery. The entire area around the post office was secured and the Central Fire Department was called to assist. The Anderson County Bomb squad was also called to assist.
After a complete investigation, the package was deemed no threat. According to officials, the package contained a clock.
A follow-up investigation is planned by the United States Postal Inspector concerning the package recipients.