Time to get in shape

My health problems associated with this wound that never completely heals seem to be close to coming to an end. Each week I go to the doctor and I am told that the wound is improving. Then they wrap me up in bandages that cannot be changed until just before the next week’s appointment.

6-25 Page 4A.inddThe leg must be getting better, because nobody enjoys seeing me that often. So with the leg finally getting healed, I need to move on to my next health problem. My weight.

Since I have been disconnected from my former position, I’ve put on a few pounds. I’m not sure how many, because our bathroom scale at some point does not tell the actual weight. It just politely says, “One person at a time, please.”

But I know I’ve put on a few pounds. When I step on the scales I actually hear the springs say “Ouch.”

Pallbearers look at me at funerals and say, “At least we don’t have to carry that guy yet.”

So I started looking at different ways I could exercise. I mentioned before that I planned to play basketball at our community court, but that’s probably a bad place to start. The only thing worse than a fat guy playing basketball is a fat guy who should give up the sport playing basketball.

On a court by myself, I should be the best player. I don’t think I would be right now.

So I figured I could start jogging around the track to build up my stamina. People generally don’t watch you jog long enough to figure out that you are winded.

I drove to the recreation field and checked out the track, even driving around the field a few times. The challenge this week is to actually get out of the car, but just driving had me pretty winded last week.

Hopefully I will be more bold this week and actually get out and exercise. I also hope they wrap me with removable bandages this week so that I will be able to take a shower.

A lot of this week’s plans depend upon my doctor’s appointment Friday.

Happy Halloween!