Tollison named Easley police chief

By Ben Robinson
Staff Reporter

6-3 Page 1A.inddEASLEY — Easley Mayor Larry Bagwell announced Monday that Maj. Tim Tollison will be the new police chief of the Easley Police Department.

Bagwell said Tollison was selected over quality candidates such as Maj. Richard Zapel from Savannah, Ga., and Salem police chief David Poulson.

“After favorable input from city council, the community and the police department, along with Maj. Tollison’s 23 years of dedicated service, knowledge and leadership capabilities, he will be an outstanding police chief,” Bagwell said. “Congratulations, Chief Tollison.”

Tollison has been second in command for the Easley Police Department for the past 10 years.

“Chief (Danny) Traber trained me, so I don’t think there will be drastic changes,” Tollison said. “We basically just need to go out and meet the community and continue to go forward,”

Tollison begins his new duties just as the world’s attention is turned to Easley as the city hosts the Big League World Series beginning next month.

Tollison does not expect any problems with the event.

“They basically have their own security,” Tollison said. “We will work some games at the field, but it shouldn’t be too taxing on us.”