Tradition continues at Dacusville Farm Days

By Ben Robinson
For the Courier

DACUSVILLE — Eighteen years ago, a fall tradition was born in Dacusville. This weekend, Jimmy Robinson, family and friends will work together to continue that tradition as they present Dacusville Farm Days at Robinson Field.

The festival, which runs Saturday and Sunday, is a celebration of the farm traditions that helped shape the Upstate.

“For some people it’s a chance for them to show off the latest tractor in their collection,” Robinson said. “For others, this brings back memories of what so many people worked with to just get by. We’ve had all ages attend this festival, and everyone seems to enjoy it and make plans to come back next year.”

In addition to the antique farming equipment on display at the festival, there will be several “Parades of Power,” featuring all the tractors at the festival proudly making a trip across the grounds.
“For folks who never worked with this equipment, this is a chance to see the things that simple, country people used every day,” Robinson said. “People are pretty amazed to see what certain pieces of equipment can do.”

For those who have worked in a farm setting, the festival should bring back memories.

“Country people love our way of life, and want to share that with future generations,” Robinson said. “It wasn’t just simple equipment that made everything work together. It was simple values, like love, honesty and loyalty. Maybe that’s what’s missing in our so-called modern society.”

The Robinsons and others familiar with the festival will be missing Randy Robinson, Jimmy’s oldest son who passed away a year ago.
“Randy really loved this festival,” Jimmy said. “I’ve had several people say they never saw Randy without that big grin of his, showing all the love he had for others.”

A brief memorial for Randy Robinson is set for 3 p.m. this Saturday.
Sunday morning at 10 a.m., there will be a church service conducted at Robinson’s home church, Nine Forks Baptist.

“So many of our family had to miss church on the Sundays during the festival, several years ago the church started having a special old-fashioned service,” Robinson said. “Men show up in their overalls, ladies in their old-time dresses, and we sing some of the old hymns, and basically just worship the lord with all our hearts. Everybody seems to receive a blessing from it.”

Robinson admits his family could not hold the festival by itself.
“We’ve got so many people who help us every year, I won’t embarrass myself by trying to list them all,” Robinson said. “It goes back to the old farm tradition of doing what you can to help your neighbor.
“There’s a lot of love being shared at these festivals.”

Dacusville Farm Days begins 8 a.m Saturday, and lasts through Sunday.

Many special events are planned for this year’s festival.
Festival grounds are on the old Robinson farm grounds on Pace Bridge Road in Dacusville. Just follow the signs from Earl’s Bridge Road.