TTI makes donation to help equip PFD new rescue truck

Courtesy City of Pickens

Pickens Fire Chief Chris Elrod shows TTI personnel the rescue truck that the department recently bought from the Ayden Fire Department in North Carolina.

PICKENS — The Pickens Fire Department has recently purchased an equipment and rescue truck from Ayden Fire Department in North Carolina. The department is currently in the planning stage of preparing this truck for service in the community. This truck will be able to carry equipment and resources this department has never had before. Part of the equipment that will be carried on this is power tools that were donated by Techtronic Industries North America, Inc. (TTI). TTI is donating a gas powered air compressor, a cordless power tool set and corded power tools.

This is not the first time TTI has aided the Pickens Fire Department. Each year the company donates items the department is able to raise money with to support its Firefighter’s Assistance Fund.

“Having a company such as TTI in our city is an asset not only economically but when needs such as this arise, they are willing to aid in making the community safer,” Pickens Fire Chief Chris Elrod said. “Over the past several months the PFD has developed a close working relationship with TTI in making sure their department is prepared for emergencies in their facility and assisting them with fire prevention efforts. The PFD has had the opportunity to go on site and train some of TTI employees in the proper use of a portable fire extinguisher and have more classes scheduled.”