Uncle Dewey’s dog

Uncle Dewey was my uncle and one of Daddy’s brothers. He lived on a farm in Dacusville with my Aunt Margaret. Everybody called her “Marget.” Also living with them were their daughter, Fay, and her husband, Charles Holder. Another son, D.B., was around somewhere creating trouble for untold numbers of folks, I am told.

We visited Uncle Dewey’s home regularly, as we did Daddy’s other brothers and sister. It was almost a Sunday afternoon ritual. No matter in which direction we left home, we almost always ended up at one of his siblings’ homes. He must have loved them very much.

On occasion, I would help Uncle Dewey harvest okra, squash, corn and tomatoes from his garden. I remember Uncle Dewey would give me socks to wear on my hands and arms while picking okra. It was quite prickly and could cause a rash. We would carry them to Washington Street in Greenville and sell them. We would sell everything that we carried in short order.

Uncle Dewey had a small, feisty dog named Hornet. Hornet was a character and went practically everywhere with Dewey. They frequented Daddy’s fishing lake and caught

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