Vandals strike Pickens Park

PICKENS — Officials are looking for the public’s help in finding the vandals behind damages at Pickens’ Jaycee Park.

According to Pickens Recreation director Cheri Anthony, the park has been vandalized twice in recent weeks.

“It is very disheartening to come in first thing in the morning and see a community vandalized,” Anthony said. “With the amount of damage done, we think a Pickens citizen had to see something.”

Anthony said the latest vandalism caused the most damage.

She said a drink machine door was kicked and dented, picnic tables and trash cans were overturned and trash was strewn about the park.

In addition, paper towel holders were broken or torn from the walls of the bathrooms, a roll of paper towels was jammed into a toilet, toilet paper was thrown everywhere in the bathrooms and the lids to the toilets’ tanks were taken, Anthony said.

The door to the park’s press box was damaged as well, with vandals kicking in the door and damaging its frame.

“Jaycee Park is a public park that is for the benefit of the entire Pickens community,” Anthony said.

Anthony said officials need the public’s help “in keeping our park neat and inviting.”

Those with information about the recent vandalism at the park are asked to call Anthony at (864) 878-2296 or Detective Samuel Byers at (864) 878-6366.

“I hope my plea will be heard by a caring individual who utitlizes Jaycee Park and wants to see it continue to grow and be around for future generations to enjoy,” Anthony said.