Waffle maker bringing new jobs to Liberty

By Jason Evans

Staff Reporter

LIBERTY — A Greenville-based waffle and pancake manufacturer is moving its entire operations to Liberty.

U.S. Waffle Company’s $22.1 million investment in the former NCR building is expected to create at least 114 new jobs, county officials announced Thursday evening.

“We’re so proud that U.S. Waffle Company is choosing to make Pickens County your new home,” county council chairman Roy Costner said.

Costner said Pickens County hasn’t had “an announcement this big since 2005,” when Reliable Sprinkler announced it was coming to the Pickens County Commerce Park.

He said some county officials had toured the U.S. Waffle plant in Greenville.

“The coolest thing about your company is … all your employees, at all their different stations, were having a great time,” he said. “They were into their job. They loved what they were doing. It’s obvious that you care about the people that you work with.”

U.S. Waffle Company CEO John Symons said consumers see the company’s frozen waffles and pancakes in every supermarket they walk into.

“It doesn’t have our name on it, but we manufacture for almost all the national brand sellers of pancakes and waffles,” he said.

The company’s vision is to be “the highest quality and most efficient producer of specialty pancakes and specialty waffles in the industry,” Symons said.

“What does specialty mean?” he said. “It means we do high-protein. We do gluten free. We do organic. We do paleo. You name it, we do it.”

The company is just more than five years old and has seen an average

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