When we are tempted to worry

Is much as we would like to avoid worry and anxiety, these feelings are just a normal part of our natural emotions. When I say “normal,” I’m referring to the everyday aggravations and frustrations that are a part of this journey. Some people seem to be more controlled by these feelings than others, but we will all have our share of difficult times.

I’ve thought about whether the world we live in today is more hectic and stressful than the times of our parents and grandparents, but is it the external circumstances that cause a person to be overwhelmed or the lack of internal peace? Even though the situations are different, apprehension and panic would be the same for a caveman or a business executive. However, I’m also convinced that Christ never intended for us to be constantly stressed out to the point of living in discouragement and depression.

There have been many studies about the effects of stress, and it’s now confirmed that

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