Willows of Easley gets 5 Stars

EASLEY — Premier senior living community The Willows of Easley announced recently that it earned the Sensight Survey Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award in 2022.

The Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award is presented to senior living communities who attain an overall resident satisfaction score of 85 percent or higher and a minimum 50 percent participation rate.

Overall resident satisfaction is measured as the percentage of residents who Strongly Agree or Agree that they are very satisfied with their senior living community as a place to live, would gladly recommend their community as a place to live and rarely think of leaving their community to live elsewhere.

“The team at Sensight Surveys is thrilled to partner with Grace Management, an organization committed to high levels of resident satisfaction and engagement,” said Lynn Ackerman, Ph.D., co-founder and chief customer officer of Sensight Surveys LLC. “We are honored to bestow the 2022 Resident Satisfaction Five Star Award to these 12 Grace Management communities who put their hearts and souls into delighting their residents every day. Thank you for your passion and commitment to helping the residents of your communities live a truly awesome life!”

The Willows of Easley is an assisted living and independent living community located in Easley. Residents enjoy delicious restaurant-quality dining, a wealth of social activities, and the freedom to explore individual interests. The Willows of Easley provides countless opportunities to connect and grow with special amenities like a welcoming parlor and library, delightful sunrooms with spectacular views, fitness center, and much more. The community is managed by Grace Management Inc., a nationally recognized leader in the delivery of senior living management services.

“We are truly honored to receive this great recognition knowing that it directly comes from those we serve, our amazing residents and their loved ones, who are the heart of our community,” said Laura Spearman, executive director at The Willows of Easley. “Our team at The Willows of Easley is proud to serve all who call our community home and strive to continually elevate the senior living experience.”

At The Willows of Easley, home is truly where the heart is. Each day the community team is committed to providing a place that is welcoming and where each resident feels like they belong.

The community bills itself as “a place of comfort, compassion, support and respect where it’s not just like home, it is home.”