You get a $100 SC tax refund, and you get a $100 refund, and you … don’t

Imagine the power company decided it had too much money, so it was giving $100 credits to its customers. But there’s a catch: Only people with a power bill of at least $100 would get the credit.

We don’t mean people who owed less than $100 wouldn’t get the full credit. We mean they wouldn’t get any credit at all. So someone with a $99 bill would still owe $99 that month, while someone with a $100 bill would pay nothing. And someone with a $199 bill would pay $99 — the same as someone who used half as much electricity.

Pretty crazy, right?

Well, that’s what House budget writers want to do with our tax money: Give $100 tax credits to everybody who has an income tax bill of $100 or more — and nothing to those whose tax bill is $99

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