You never know what the day will bring

It’s been years since I traveled to Dahlonega, Ga. The last time was on a geneaology quest with an old friend who was trying to find information about her maternal grandmother.

Well, we did discover records of her relatives. There were five listed in the Lunacy Book at the courthouse. Now, I cautioned her not to take it too hard, because years ago malnutrition could mimic signs of insanity. This was before they started fortifying cornmeal, so that explains a lot. But she decided not to follow up on that particular line.

Last weekend I visited Dahlonega again. This time with friends. We went to the Dahlonega Literary Festival and the Science Festival, which were going on at the same time. North Georgia University was running it, and it was excellent.

There were free programs, speakers and lots of regional authors there with their books.

One of the programs we attended was about traces of dinosaurs presented by a professor from

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