Young Appalachian Musicians scholarship winners announced

COUNTY — Preserving Our Southern Appalachian Music (POSAM), the non-profit which supports the Young Appalachian Musicians (YAM), recently announced its scholarship winners.

Twelve YAMs were selected to be able to choose from the following options: 1) A free week of Traditional Arts and Music YAM Camp; 2) A semester of After-School YAM lessons; or 3) two six-week sessions of Evening Music Program lessons.

A scholarship committee chose these students to be the most highly qualified after judging their applications: Cooper Benjamin, Caleb Briley, Andrew Dennis, Delanie Fowler, Ella Hennessee, Kaitlyn Holder, Lilly Holder, Jackson Keith, Ashlyn Ramey, Liam Ramey, James Seawright and Sam Talley.

“Congratulations to each of these talented and hard-working young people!” said Betty McDaniel, YAM director.

Preserving Our Southern Appalachian Music Inc. (POSAM) is a charitable non-profit organization. For more information on the Young Appalachian Musicians (YAM) program, visit, Facebook: “YAM (Young Appalachian Musicians),” or contact Betty McDaniel at (864) 878-4257 or