Back to ‘normal’

After a few difficult weeks, I am finally getting back to normal, or at least my definition of the word.

It started a few weeks ago when my father was admitted to the hospital. There were some mistakes with his tests, so 6-25 Page 4A.inddhe needed to have more tests made before he could go home. A few days in the hospital turned into one week, which my father did not like.

He began to complain about whatever he could think of — the food, the nurses, etc. He swore he would never go to that particular hospital again. He was ready to go sing with his friends and the hospital had not better keep him too long.

Meanwhile, my mother passed out while she was getting together thing for my father at the hospital.

Both are better now. We’re still not sure why my mother passed out, but she’s trying to be more careful now.

So then the engine in my car gave out. It turns out that the oil light that I had assumed came on too often because I thought it did not work was actually working very well. Having your engine blow because you are not smart enough to put oil in it is pretty stupid. But I fit the bill nicely.

Thankfully, my father knew where to get a rebuilt engine installed. But I will be paying for that for the next several months, plus I need to pay more to the IRS. Plus the hospital knows I owe them more money. And I should build up enough reserve cash for when this engine finally goes bad.

So I just need to work and get back to writing stories about what is going on around me. If I can take care of my chosen career, everything else will take care of itself.