Battlefield Cross donated

Junior Shove, owner of Pickens’ new military museum, Fort Dix Army Navy Supply Store, located in the Market at the Mill in Pickens, was honored by members of the American Legion Post 11 and creative artist Nathan Lipscomb with a donation of a Battlefield Cross made by Lipscomb. The Battlefield Cross was how many soldiers were honored on the battlefield following their ultimate sacrifice and has beem common since the time of the Civil War. The cross is made from the serviceman’s weapon, helmet and boots. The museum has hundreds of military items on display, and despite the museum’s name, nothing donated is ever sold. Shove said he has spent more than 40 years collecting the artifacts that represent the military throughout the years. The museum will hold its formal grand opening on Aug. 1, but it is open now for all who visit the Market at the Mill, located at 225 Pumpkintown Highway in Pickens. American Legion Post 11 representative Richard Reece said that Post 11 is in search of any nurses who were in service during World War II. Anyone who can help the legion in its quest to honor these brave nurses is asked to call (864) 952-6456. Pictured with the cross, from left, are Lipscomb, Reece, Shove, Gator Cochran, Pastor Lewrie Harmon and Pete Peters.